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Intuitive reader✨ Tarot, oracle cards and astrology. Connects fast. Non judgmental. Honest. No sugar coating yet empathetic. In de

Skills and methods

I always look for truth in a situation. I'm naturally connected to all that is around me, be it visible or not. Empathic, clairvoyant and clairsentient. I read energetically and intuitively. I really like getting in depth with the messages I receive, be it sometimes through images, flashes, colors, music and sounds, smell or just downloading and channeling whatever the other person is going through, feeling and thinking. I use Tarot and Oracle cards.

My approach

I am a highly sensitive person and I naturally connect to your energy and your situation. I will just need your name and date of birth. I don't sugar coat and I will deliver your messages in a compassionate, non judgmental way. Truth heals, even though is not always pleasant. What I understood from this journey called life is that we share the same hopes and dreams, we all need love and unity, that we are beings of love, no matter where we come from or what size or shape we are.


spiritual growth and awakening; psychic protection; romance and relationships, spiritual connections/soul mates; breakup and heart healing, crossroads; karma and past lives; career and finances; connecting with missing pets

My background

My readings are detailed and in-depth. As an empath, I use all my senses in order to get the cleanest, accurate messages. I might give myself the time to connect and I appreciate dialogues where patience, respect and empathy are present on both sides. You will definitely not regret it. I am naturally gifted and self taught, out of my passion and interest in the occult.. I've been doing tarot and astrological readings for 13 years and met hundreds of people from around the world, in person or online. I don't sugar coat, I'm naturally drawn towards truth and tell it as it is. I use Tarot, Oracle, Crystals to deliver your advice and guidance during sensitive and difficult times. I can help you see your own strength and light when that's most needed.